Frequently Asked Questions

MIGOS Concert
Thursday, April 5, 2018
Holmes Convocation Center

  1. Where can I buy Tickets?

  2. When can I buy Tickets?

    • Students can buy tickets starting on Monday, February 26th @9am

      • Students must have a valid student ID for in-person purchases or the access code for online sales. Online sales code was sent out on APPSYNC.

    • IF TICKETS REMAIN... Faculty / Staff & App Alumni can buy tickets starting on Monday, March 12th @ 10am. Online sales code will be sent out on March 8th.

      • Faculty / Staff must have a valid APP ID card for in-person purchases.

      • Alumni must buy tickets online with the code that will be emailed to them by the alumni association.

  3. Where can I buy seats?

    • Students can purchase tickets for any location in the arena. Students must have Student ID to get on the floor day of show. Floor seats will have a separate entrance, more information to be posted on our website.

    • Faculty /Staff / Public must have assigned seats and will not have access to the floor.

  4. How many Tickets can I buy?

    • Students can buy up to FOUR  tickets.  Remember, if you are buying floor tickets, you MUST have a valid ASU student ID.  Student IDs will be checked before entering the Holmes Center.  Non-ASU students will NOT be allowed on the floor.

  5. I want to sit with my friends at the concert.  What do I do?

    • If you want to sit with your friends, you must buy the tickets at the same time.  If you are buying your tickets in person, we recommend that you be in line together with the people you want to sit with, OR one person can buy up to 4 tickets and be reimbursed by friends.

    • If buying online, you must know which seats you want to purchase and make sure your friends purchase seats nearby.

  6. I didn’t receive my student ticket code.  What do I do?

    • All students should have received an email on Tuesday, February 20th to their ASU email account with the student ticket code embedded.  If you did not receive this email, you can log in to AppSync (, and the ticket code will be listed on the homepage.

  7. I am not a student but have a student seated ticket. What do I do?

    • If you have a student ticket but are not a student, you will need to go to the box office and pay the $20 upcharge on the ticket. 

    • Non-ASU students will NOT be allowed on the floor.

  8. Is there an opener?

    • Yes. Support will be announced as we approach the show.

  9. Is alcohol allowed at the event?

    • No.  Alcohol is NOT allowed in the Holmes Convocation Center. 

  10. Is there re-entry to the venue?

    • No.  If you leave the Holmes Center, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

  11. Can you re-sell tickets?

  • The NCGS 14-344 state statute prohibits the sale of admission tickets in excess of the printed price. It permits a small service fee, limited to $3.00, to be added to the value of the ticket but nothing beyond that.  It is a Class 2 misdemeanor to sell a ticket for a price greater than the price permitted by the law.


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