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Welcome to APPS (Appalachian Popular Programming Society) and thank you for your interest!

Here’s some helpful information about us:

We are the student programming board for Appalachian State, meaning we are committed to planning and providing diverse educational, enriching, and entertaining events for the student body and community alike. APPS consists of 7 different councils all of which continuously work towards our overall mission. Each council has their own theme, style, and meeting time. More information about APPS can be found on our social medias. Our simple, balanced, and inclusive membership application can be found on Engage (formerly called AppSync).  Just click here to go to the application!

Read what current APPS members have to say about their time with APPS!

What was your favorite part of APPS so far?

My favorite part of APPS so far has been the council meetings. When I first joined Special Events, I was welcomed with open arms and I have loved getting to know all of the members. It is such a fun and friendly environment and always brightens my week. -- Ashley Myrtle


In the three years I’ve been as APPS member, my favorite part has been the sense of belonging and community it has brought to my college experience. As an out of state student, I struggled to find my place and APPS immediately got me involved in famous life, introduced me to lifelong friends, and gave me amazing opportunities I never would have had without joining. -- Laurel Sherburne


My favorite part about APPS are the people. I’ve met some of my life long friends through this amazing student lead organization. My college career would be lacking so many amazing experiences without APPS and my new student programming family! I‘ve found a endless fountain of support in which has pushed me to take on leadership and personally grow beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself. APPS opens doors and allows you to find your place among those who create the life of campus! --Emory Sprouse


My favorite part of APPS so far was the Doja Cat concert. It’s always really cool to see all of our hard work come together at a show, but it’s especially cool to experience a sold out show with such enthusiasm and energy. We worked really hard to put the show together, and we were really happy with the turnout. -- Allie Tarry


I joined APPS at a point in my life when I felt very alone and detached from my college experience.  When I joined and started going to weekly meetings and planning events for all of Appalachian State to enjoy, I finally felt like I was fulfilling the desire I had to "go in" on my time in college.  Whether I'm chilling in the APPS office, at a Spirit and Traditions meeting, or just piddling around campus I always feel like there's someone I know in my company.  Now as a part of the executive board and serving an even larger portion of Appalachian State through my role in exec, I feel extremely tuned in to the Appalachian experience. -- Torie Dera

What have you learned from APPS? How has that experience helped you grow?

 APPS has also been really beneficial for me in learning about things like Photoshop, event planning, interviewing, professionalism, etc. These skills will be valuable in the professional and post-grad world and I have APPS to thank for that! -- Camryn Collier

 APPS has pushed me to be a better person and shown me what true dedication and hard work looks like. One of the most important things I have learned from APPS is the importance of representation to ensure that all intersections of our student body are served and represented through events. This is something that the executive board this year is working diligently to improve on and educating ourselves on how to bring more inclusive and diverse events to campus. --Laurel Sherburne

I have become WAY more comfortable talking in front of groups, delegating responsibilities, and delivering large projects since I joined APPS.  I know that no matter which direction my career takes after I leave Appalachian, I have some kind of valuable anectdote or skill that I can reference from my time with APPS that will serve me well.  --Torie Dera

Why would you encourage others to join APPS?

 I would encourage others to join APPS because it's one of the most amazing, unique ways to dive into the heart of campus life! So much of the App State experience, from concerts to films to our conventions and festivals, are possible because of APPS. You'll be behind the scenes of so many campus events while working with some of the best and most supportive people! Join the team!! -- Sophie Cole

I would encourage others to join APPS because of the community. It’s really cool to work with so many different people, a lot of whom you might not have met otherwise. It’s so much fun to be able to work side by side with people who share the same passions as you do. -- Allie Tarry

 I would encourage others to join APPS because it helped me find a sense of purpose and belonging! Not only do we strive to put on great events for campus, but we do it while making friends in our councils! It’s always rewarding seeing an event go well while volunteering beside your friends. -- Camryn Collier

During welcome week my freshman year, I went to The Mowgli’s concert that APPS main stage council put on. This was the first time since coming to App that I pushed myself to hang out with new people and finally felt a sense of belonging on campus. I the decided to apply to join and it has been one of the most influential and valuable decisions I made. APPS has built a sense of community on campus for me and been a source of encouragement. We are constantly working to bring the best events to campus to benefit the student body and it has allowed me to grow a better understanding of our student body and campus as a whole. I encourage everyone to apply to APPS: the opportunities are endless, the friends made are lifelong, and the hardworking put in is always worth it when you see others enjoying the event you helped put on. -- Laurel Sherburne



We hope to welcome you to the APPS family!

If you are interested in joining APPS during a time we are not actively recruiting, please email us at or stop by our office in 233 Plemmons Student Union to learn more.